Harvest 2015

Oct 02, 2015

We're pleased to announce that Harvest 2015 is complete. The growing conditions were optimal - warm days with cool evenings. These conditions allowed the grapes to reach maturity with full flavor and concentrated intensity. Fall_harvest-2015_Blog-PN PINOT NOIR Winemaker Greg Stach is very pleased with the quality of the pinot noir this vintage. The acidity in the pinot noir grapes held up well during harvest; thus, the wines will have excellent balance and structure. The majority of the vineyards did come in light meaning the vines had fewer clusters with smaller berries than usual. When a vine has a light crop, it will put more effort into ripening each individual berry translating into a wine with an intense flavor profile. Fall_harvest-2015_Blog CHARDONNAY The intense flavor and tremendous quality of the chardonnay grapes point to an excellent vintage for Winemaker Greg Stach. Although the chardonnay grapes were harvested much earlier than usual, the chardonnay was ripe, flavorful, and showing great acidity. Like the pinot noir, the chardonnay crop is lighter than usual allowing the vines to truly concentrate their efforts on just a few clusters.


Each appellation is showing defined flavor profiles - lively citrus and white pineapple from the Sonoma Coast; apple and pear from the Russian River Valley; juicy stone fruit from Carenros; banana, passion fruit, and coconut from Monterey; and tropical fruit, mango, and kiwi from Santa Barbara.


The 2015 vintage will be low in quantity, but very high in quality. Each vine produced just a few clusters with brilliant depth and complex flavors which is going to show beautifully in the 2015 vintage wines. Can't wait to get this vintage in our glass!!