Wine Cork Necklace

Jan 29, 2015

Simple, but elegant this cork necklace is a great statement piece. We love the contrast of the one red cork slice with the other natural slices. You can mix things up by adding a crystal, changing the chain texture, or selecting a different finish (gold, rubbed bronze, etc). This is an excellent craft for beginners. Supplies: 2 pinot noir corks, a cutting tool, nail, jewelry pliers, wire cutters, 8 large jump rings, 2 medium jump rings, chain, and clasp Winter_Cork-Necklace_Supplies Step 1: Slicing the cork can be difficult, you may need to experiment with different cutting tolls to get a clean cut and remember to be extra careful using anything this sharp! For this necklace, you will need 7 slices that are roughly the same thickness. I suggest making a few extra slices in case (like me) you make a few mistakes and crumble your slices. Winter_Cork-Necklace_SliceS Step 2: Arrange your cork slices, jump rings, and chain to get a rough layout of your necklace. Step 3: Punch holes in your cork using a nail. Keep the hole far enough from the edge to keep the cork from crumbling. Step 4: Using your pliers, open the large jump rings. Now you can start connecting the corks with the jump rings. Close the jump rings as you go along. Winter_Cork-Necklace_Link Step 5: Connect your chain to one side of the connected corks. I put the necklace on at this point to figure out how long I'd like it to be on me. Cut the chain to length and then in half. Connect the second half of the chain to the other side of the connected corks. Step 6: Now you can add the clasps to the ends of the chain using the 2 medium sided jump rings. Step 7: Try it on and share your creation with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Winter_Cork-Necklace_Model

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