Wine Cork Pumpkin

Oct 18, 2014

Fall_Cork-Pumpkin_Photo-1 Do you hold onto wine corks that are meaningful? This craft is a wonderful way to re-purpose a few of those corks. A Wine Cork Pumpkin looks great on your holiday table as a centerpiece or up on your mantel for fall decorations. So, gather your supplies, a couple bottles of wine, and a few of your crafty friends and get started! You'll need: Styrofoam craft ball Chunky yarn Wine cork Hot glue gun Felt for leaf Fall_Cork-Pumpkin_Photo-2 To make your pumpkin stable, slice off a bit of the bottom with a serrated knife. Fall_Cork-Pumpkin_Photo-3 Find the top of your pumpkin, then firmly twist back and forth with your wine cork to make a hole. Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the cork and then secure it into place. Create a triangle with your yarn and start wrapping it in triangular section. Use your hot glue gun to secure the yarn into place. Keep going up until you fill your pumpkin. Fall_Cork-Pumpkin_Photo-4 Cut out a little felt leaf and glue it on! Consider making 3-4 Wine Cork Pumpkins to create a beautiful fall statement centerpiece. Fall_Cork-Pumpkin_Photo-5

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