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From Humble Beginnings to Award-Winning Wines

Our Heritage

Founded in 1974 by Damaris Deere Ford, our heritage extends back to Damaris’ great-great-grandfather, John Deere, inventor of the steel plow.


Along with her two sisters, Damaris founded Landmark Winery, named after their family home on the shores of Bermuda, which was often the first structure seen by 18th century sailors crossing the Atlantic from Europe.


Landmark uses the most time- and labor-intensive techniques to produce our wine. But it wasn’t always that way. Eager to elevate Landmark wines to a truly world-class level, Damaris hired renowned enologist Helen Turley in 1993 to deepen our commitment to Chardonnay. This collaboration led to our signature style: whole-cluster-pressed grapes, fermentation by native yeast strains, and aging in French oak. The rest, as they say, is history.

Our Winemaker

Greg Stach is renowned for crafting elegant, world-class vintages. His winemaking approach combines traditional techniques with a “less is more” philosophy. Believing that great wine begins in the vineyard, he intervenes only to ensure consistency and quality, relying more on the fruit’s intense flavors and distinct vineyard characteristics.

Our Vineyards

Our grapes come from the finest vineyards and regions in California, from Sonoma to Santa Barbara, which ensures that every grape in every bottle is the best that vintage has to offer.